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Aug 16, 2012

Quote Of The Day

Quote Of The Day

Peres forgot that he made at least three cardinal mistakes connected to the security of the country. He made a mistake when he thought the Oslo Agreements would create a new Middle East, when in actuality it cost more than 1000 Israeli victims and terrorist attacks that came out of the areas he gave to the Palestinians.
He made a mistake when he said that after the Disengagement there would be peace with Gaza, and in actuality they fire rockets on Israeli citizens.
And the biggest mistake of all was in 1981, when he thought that bombing the nuclear reactor in Iraq would be a mistake. To the fortunate of Israeli citizens, Prime Minister Begin ignored him. Just yesterday the leader of Iran Khameini  said that israel would be wied off the map, so it is forbidden for that regime to obtain an atomic bomb.

   -- someone close to PM Benjamin Netanyahu
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