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Aug 26, 2012

The Leftist Version Of Neturei Karta

Who knew that there were people on the left as radical and crazy as the Neturei Karta radicals on the right?

One of the 613 rabbis who signed on to the campaign of Rabbis for Obama is Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb.

Gottlieb is part of J-Street and another anti-Israel group called the Jewish Voice for Peace and is an advocate of the BDS.  That is all peanuts compared to the main event - Rabbi Gottlieb has dined with president of Iran Ahmadinejad, and has traveled to Iran to meet with him. That makes her as crazy, as radical, and as rejection-worthy as the Neturei Karta. Maybe she and they can find ways to work together on such projects...

The Washington Free Beacon has a video of Gottlieb talking about boycotting Israel, which I won't post here.

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  1. So based on your previous post, it sounds like this Lynn person is Pro date rape!

  2. If you go far enough left, you get to the extreme right; and vice versa (since most conceptual frameworks in life are circular)!

  3. some day rafi, if we ever meet for a cup of coffee or a jog, i 'll have to tell you about the time that i threw her out of my apartment.


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