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Aug 15, 2012

Interesting Posts #403

Interesting Posts #403

1. Look Out - a warped article about externals, but at least it seems moving "out of town" helped her get over that to a certain extent. Some posts in response or in regards to that post: The Wrong Stuff of the Right which lead to the Nine Questions. This post by the Wolf is not exactly on that, but the topic is almost the same -  Losing Sight Of Whats Important In Shidduchim

2. Kosher-Style Initimidation

3. The Walls Have Eyes - I know exactly what is referring to, and I keep wondering whenever I see things like that come up on friends facebook pages i always wonder how someone could click on links like that and not realize that it will become public to everyone that you did, just like you saw it on someone else's profile. Most are unaware, and I am sure they instantly regret the mistake of clicking and especially the embarrasment of having everyone see that nearly-pornographic image or video you just clicked on even if it was only by mistake. That is why you have to be careful (besides for filters and all that jazz) when you click on links. I mean, even if you are tempted, even if curious, you should realize that everyone is about to see what you are clicking on.

4. Non-Ortho Responses To Daf Yomi - the most interesting, to me, part of this post is that he is proud of the Orthodox women (while not being proud of the non-ortho women) who learn daf yomi and recently finished shas, instead of ignoring them as fringe elements or saying they should not be learning gemara. Though his being proud of them is limited to if they are learning and not really telling anyone about it.

5. Choosing a Rabbi for a shul

6. The Religious Zionist Kosher Phone

7. College Students and Krias Shema

8. There's Gold, and There's Gold

9. FAB Defense M4 Survival Buttstock

10. Israel Made My Parents Cool

11. The Windmill

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  1. some links don't work. please check

  2. I tested them all and they all work. which links are you having trouble with.


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