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Aug 21, 2012

Iran or Egypt

Just a thought I was wondering about..

I am not sure which is the bigger threat right now - Iran with its threats of destroying Israel while it races to make a nuclear bomb or Egypt with its new president who is sending soldiers and tanks and anti-aircraft missiles into Sinai, against the conditions of the peace treaty with Israel.

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  1. Iran is the greater threat. Egypt, with its reliance on American aid money and with the army still in a position of power vis a vis the government can be dealt with. Chas v'shalom a war breaks out the Tzahal can smack the Egyptian tanks back to the Canal at which point the war ends.
    Exactly how does a war with Iran end? How does Israel cow them into an armistice?

  2. Earn money from homeAugust 21, 2012 5:51 PM

    Neither. Our own issues are the greatest threat. Be it lack of Shalom Bayis on a personal or national level. Frumkeit trumping Derech Eretz. I'm not saying to pretend that Iran or Egypt are not dangerous. The question is: what is fueling them?

  3. I think the greatest threat to Israel is the do-nothing Prime Minister who doesn't have the cajones to act in Israel's defense. Great speeches. Little action. Except to evacuate more Jews from their homes in a heinous and cruel manner.


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