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Aug 23, 2012

Interesting Posts #405

Interesting Posts #405

1. Walking Away From Judaism

2. Igloo Park: Keep the Kids Away

3.  Time For A Mass Exodus From Eretz Yisrael

4. Speaking Of Isaac

5. Giving A Meshulach less Than A Quarter

6. Top 10 Back To School Tips

7. Synagogue Yahrtzeit Boards

8. Can Judaism Survive the Internet?

9. Attacking Iran Becomes A Contract Clause

10. Of Shuls and Rabbis

11. Rav Shmuel Auerbach's grandfather was a Zionist rabbi

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  1. That post about a max exodus from Israel is great. It really is.

    Those people who call other Jews the Erev Rav, are in my mind, the true Erev Rav.

    Israel kicks out those who profane it. And the Charedim are doing a great job of profaning Israel.

    Let the Jews come back home to Israel, and the learn real teshuvah, and learn Judaism.

  2. "Erev ravs"?

    And, uh, yeah, *lots* of other countries are going to be eager to accept new unskilled welfare patrons. As Cleavon Little says in "Blazing Saddles", "One false move and the n---- gets it!"

  3. i think that it is chaval to give moriya the extra SEO.


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