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Aug 20, 2012

The Lack Of Disrimination In Emannuel Bites Again..

I love irony, but it's unfortunate when it comes at the expense of hurting a person.

2 years ago was the major issue of discrimination in a number of schools, and the situation came to a head in Emannuel when the "hassidic school" was discovered to be discriminating against Sefardim and not accepting their children. There was a quota of sefardim that had been accepted, and they were paraded about declaring that that is proof that there is no discrimination. They got involved despite the sefardi rabbonim telling them not go get involved and not to take sides in the matter, but they probably had to in order for their kids not to be thrown out. One of them was even one of the parents who went to jail because of the discrimination. The weird situation of a sefardi parent in an ashkenazi school going to jail due to discrimination against sefardim.

Anyway, this fellow moved last year to Tel Tzion. The irony of the story, which unfortunately came at his expense, is that while in Emannuel he insisted there was no discrimination because he was fortunate enough to have been one of the few sefardim who had been accepted, when he arrived in tel Tzion he found himself at the other end of the issue - suddenly he didnt make the quota and his kids werent accepted into the ashkenazi school He got them in after a bit, after askanim got involved and pressured them to accept his kids, which they eventually agreed to on condition that he not get involved in any public activity...
(source: Kikar)

I love the irony, but I feel bad for this guy who just wanted to get his kids into a school and not make waves...

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