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Oct 25, 2012

Interesting Posts #418

1. Letting go, a mother's story

2. It's Not about the bike. It's about Stella

3. Efrat is under fire

4. Rav Aviner deserves to be put in cherem - a bit harsh, just because he doesnt like a certain psak... This latest psak shouldnt surprise anyone, as Rav Aviner has always been considered fairly extreme (in the DL community) on the issues of women in the public eye, and men and women mixing at events. Besides, Tzippi Hotovely announced that she has a letter from Rav Aviner allowing her to run for Knesset and that his opinion is just on a theoretical basis, that it is preferred they dont run, but in practice he actually [usually?] allows it..

5. Empty hands

6. Sudan arms factory attacked by the Zionist Seal

7. Nachal Og

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