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Oct 31, 2012

Modiin Being Sued For Discrimination

After Modiin Ilit announced the development of a new archaeological park that would only be open to haredim, Modiin decided they would do whatever possible to lock out haredim from enjoying the popular Park Anabe in Modiin. The problem is that limiting entry to a public park is illegal, so they had to find a solution to figure out how they could block visitors from Modiin Ilit.

Legal Counsel for the city of Modiin solved the problem writing an opinion that based on the law, Modiin cannot discriminate and prevent entry to visitors from anywhere else, or certain types of visitors, but they could do so on a temporary basis, such as for the duration of a holiday. If I understand it correctly, because it is a holiday they could limit entry to only locals, residents of Modiin - and prevent entry to others so as to allow the local residents to enjoy a city park. But only on a temporary basis.

A human rights organization is now suing Modiin for discrimination. Their lawyer has sent a letter saying that preventing entry to non-residents is illegal and is discriminatory against a religious group.

So, there is a machloket between lawyers whether such a policy is legal or not even on a temporary basis.

I figure they will have to prove that the policy was discriminatory against a "religious group" (i.e. haredim). Even though it might have been well-known that that was the purpose, they blocked everyone from outside of Modiin, and they didn't discriminate between haredim and non-haredim in implementation of this policy. All non-Modiin people were turned away.

On the other hand, Modiin probably can't use the argument of Modiin Ilit's archaeological park to its defense, or maybe as a threat of counter-suit, because that park is not yet open and no discriminatory policy has [yet] been put in place, despite talk of future plans to do so.

b'kitzur, Modiin should not have acted like a bunch of kindergarten kids with this behavior.

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. And meanwhile the world outside Israel - both Jews and Gentiles alike - looks at, laughs at, and pokes the finger of scorn at these stupid Chelm-like antics by both the Modi'in and the Modi'in local authorities. Doubtless there are simmilar reactions within Israel, too.

    One could not make up stories like this if one tried. You carry on guys: things are tough in the real world outside the Jerusalem Corridor, and we need something to laugh at.

    And those "tzadikim" who make up the askanim and the machers conspiring over this stupid matter doubtless have the unmitigated chutzpah to ask HaShem why Moshiach has not yet arrived. Perhaps they should look inwards and examine their own actions?


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