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Oct 22, 2012

Suing For Reward Money

The young man who discovered the remains of the body of Majdi Halabi is suing the Ministry of Defense. For some strange reason, they don't want to give to him the prize money they had promised to anyone who would provide information leading to the discovery of the body. This fellow, Ibrahim Kuzali, discovered the actual remains and reported his find, yet they are refusing to pay out. Kuzali is suing for 40 million shekels.

Their claim, Kuzali says, is that when he discovered the remians it was not known that they were of Majdi Halabi. That is the stupidest excuse I have ever heard. Who cares if he knew or not, and considering it was just remains how was he supposed to know anyway!? Either way, he discovered the remains, he enabled the recovery of the remains and the closing of the ordeal and he deserves the reward money.
(source: NRG)

It's a shame they have to be forced to keep their word on such a thing. If someone has information on a different MIA, and was tempted by the money to inform about his information, I hope something like this won't stop him from doing so...

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1 comment:

  1. There is more to this story - the guy that found the body was his childhood friend - many people find this coincidence a little suspicious...



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