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Oct 23, 2012

Orthodox Boxer Dmitriy Salita Wins Fight vs Hoskins (video)

Dmitriy Salita, the Orthodox boxer, rabbinical student, from New York, continued his comeback with a fight this past Saturday night. Salita fought against Brandon Hoskins, and the bout was scheduled for only a short time after the conclusion of Shabbos.

Salita stayed in a nearby hotel, and then walked to the arena, and quickly got his hands taped with no time for warming up. Salita says he had to use the first two rounds of the fight to warm up, because of it. Salita won his match unanimously, and said that if he had had two more rounds he would have knocked Hoskins out.

Salita's record is now 35-1, and he is looking toward a possible title fight, for the welterweight title.

Here are two post-fight interviews, one of which was the official press conference. I could not find any clips of the match itself:

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