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Oct 30, 2012

Interesting Posts #420

1. Two Honorable Men

2. How Rabbis can avoid being intimidating

3. an Orthodox Feminist

4. what bracha do you make on a hurricane? - I also saw an article about some piskei halacha from Chabad about making a bracha on the hurricane, as well as whether one should go to shul to daven with a minyan or not. Judaism never lets go - no matter the situation, there is a halacha to clarify, to discuss...

5. Orlev vs Bennet - RoG has been blogging about the election prep over at Bayit Yehudi (Mafdal). Not my party, but interesting nonetheless...

6. Tiferes Bnos Turning Heads With Academmic Success

7. Jerusalem Wall Murals

8. A family of soldiers

9. Daddy, this one's for you..

10. Pool of the Arches

11. Israeli Political Spectrum

12. We came to give, and we took away so much more

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  1. I am interested in reading "An Orthodox Feminist," but there is no link! Please send it to me, and thank you again for singling out "interesting posts." They are.

  2. I see the link. sometimes it gives trouble with the links, but when it does they still work from the man page, instead of from the individual post page

  3. Thanks for sharing our post!


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