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Oct 17, 2012

TOV resigns from coalition in Bet Shemesh

It is being reported (in local newspaper Shopping Mekomi's FB page) that the TOV party of Bet Shemesh has submitted it's resignation from the municipal coalition this morning.

They have been threatening to do so for a long time, due to unanswered requests regarding issues for kids at risk, as well as the issues regarding the cleanliness of RBS (controlled by the Shefa department that doesnt seem interested in dealing with RBS but wont transfer control of RBS to someone who will do the work) that has been discussed for a long time but has yet to be resolved.

Is this a big deal? Will they be brought back in quickly? Will this affect the balance of local power?  TOV only holds one mandate, so this is not an earthquake, but it is big news..

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1 comment:

  1. The problem with this very significant move is that it has not been co-odinated with any others in the coalition. Tov in a way is correct. they only entered into the coalition to further their pre-defined causes. No progress, they leave. However if they could have co-ordinated a move with other non-Chareidi elements in the coalition (Balish, Peres, Edrei, Yarchi), they could bring down Abutbul now. Probably nothing will come of it yet, as the non-Charedi bloc have not yet agreed on one candidate, and also not to join Abutbul afterwards.


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