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Feb 18, 2013

Can the haredi draft lead to civil war?

I am not quite sure where all this talk of possible civil war is coming from. I keep hearing on the radio and seeing in the news threats that if the government will try to draft the haredim by force or pass a far-reaching law that will have a serious impact on haredim learning in yeshiva, it could lead to civil war. It was discussed from the Knesset podium, by those threatening it as well as by those dismissing it, and it has been discussed in the media.

I don't get how the idea of civil war is even relevant as an option. I can see them saying "we won't be forced into the army, and will prefer to sit in jail - come arrest ten thousand of us." or something similar. But civil war?

Civil war? Where will the haredim get the rifles and anti-tank missiles to fight against the army n the other side? Civil disobedience is not civil war, getting guns and shooting at the Israeli army and police is civil war. but where will they get the weapons from?

And if the haredi community is about 10% or 15% of the public, and add to that a certain percentage of sympathizers, how do 15% of the people expect to fight successfully against 85% - and the 85% having a well-trained army and police force against citizens with no military training, with no, or just a small amount of, weapons?

It just makes no sense. Threatening and arguing about civil war is ridiculous. It won't come to that because it cannot come to that. Jail, yes. Civil disobedience, yes. Even minor levels of "terror", perhaps. Civil war - I just don't see it. And it just bothers me so much every time I hear it mentioned so flippantly on the radio or in the press.

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  1. Remember they also have next to no secular education, and they mostly don't read or listen to the news. So it's no wonder they don't know the difference between civil war and civil disobedience.

  2. "It's so important for us not to fight, that we shall fight to preserve that right!"

  3. Maybe they will go on a learning strike as part of a civil disobedience campaign... to prove the importance of their learning. When everyone sees the consequences, their exemption will be preserved :P

  4. I think it's fair to generalize that the dialogue in the Israeli [mostly tabloid] media directly affects the general use of language and hence the majority of the public has a very poor vocabulary.

    About the forced draft, hopefully we have clear headed leaders who do not use the shallow media to decide policy and will create a new law for the necessary long-term process needed. Only idiots will demand something 'now' or within five years. In any case, the army is simply not ready for this (they plan personnel way ahead of time) and the logistics to expand the current Haredi projects need more time and much more money, during a time when we want to reduce the army budget.

    Are Bennet and Lapid really willing to increase the deficit for their lust to draft the Haredim 'now'? Is this really the most important issue on the Knesset agenda right now?

  5. They (the charedi insurrectionists)would not run short of very potent ammunition: dirty, stinking diapers.

  6. Because it won't be 85-15. The Haredim will have the support of the Arab Israelis (about 20%) of the population and the Palestinians of the West Bank and Gaza strip. In fact, more people are opposed to drafting the Haredim then support it. But of course, the supporters have all the weapons, are trained killers and have no problem killing women and children.


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