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Feb 13, 2013

President Obama will buy the chametz, but where will he put it?

President of the United States of America Barak Obama will be coming to Israel next month. The expected date, though none has been formally announced, is going to be Wednesday, March 20th for a period of about 2 days, and will be staying at the King David Hotel.

The Hebrew dates of Obama's visit are the 9th of Nissam through the 11th of Nissan. That is right before Pesach, with the process of eradicating all chametz at its high point. The hotels will have been cleaned for Pesach already, including the King David.

Funnily enough, the advance team of the President, preparing for his trip, have been spoken to and have been told that with the hotel being kosher for Pesach already they should be careful to act appropriately in that reality and not bring chametz in. The director of the King David Hotel has confirmed that the hotel will already be kosher for Pesach and that this has been explained to the President's advance team, with the additional factoid that it had been received well and with understanding. The director said that the president and his entourage will all eat well and fine food that is kosher for Pesach. The director further added that after the President and his team will leave, the suite will be thoroughly cleaned again, with the kitchenette kashered again as well.
(source: Ladaat)

If the theory is correct that Obama is coming to Israel to buy the chametz from the citizens of the State of Israel, if he won't be allowed to bring chametz into his hotel room, where is he supposed to keep all that chametz? (joke)

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