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Feb 14, 2013

Musicians with smartphones

While the previous post describes the Rabbinic Committee for Communications efforts to create a smartphone that will allow some limited access to the internet, here we find the Organization for Purity of the Camp upping the fight against smartphones even more.

According to Bechadrei, the organization is now targeting musicians, again, but this time for their use of smartphones rather than the style of music or the type of audiences they play for.

They have published warnings against hiring musicians for events - weddings, bar mitzvahs, etc. - who use cellphones that have not been approved by them. They warn specifically against hiring such musicians because "not only do they transgress a serious prohibition, but they take out their devices during the events, while they are sitting and eating or during breaks, and they show each other news from the world, may God have mercy on them. And especially because the children love to crowd around the musicians and chat with them, and they see everything, and this is burning their souls..."
They instruct that such musicians should not be hired until they sign a commitment that they will not bring these impure devices to the event with them, and if they would bring it anyway, they will not be paid for the event.

All you musicians out there - be prepared... especially the ones who use their non-kosher cellphones as part of their performance - I have been to weddings and bar mitzvahs where the one-man-band guy uses music from his iPhone or iPad as part of his performance.

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