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Feb 14, 2013

RBS man arrested for molestation and sodomy of local youth

According to Ynet, a man from Bet Shemesh was recently arrested for molestation and sodomy of local youth. His remand was extended for 5 days. According to the report, the perp has admitted to the actions, but claims they were consensual. Personally, I have no idea what consensual means when it involves underage children (which it does).

Magen was involved in the case, and it involves a man from the anglo saxon community in RBS. Magen advises parents to open a discussion with their kids about the matter and personal safety in the future. Those needing advice how to best do this should call Magen (9999.678 and 050 8489001).

The police/courts have not yet released the name for publication, so I cannot publish it at this point. If you happen to know that information, do not post it in the comments - I will have to delete it.

To remind you, Rabbi Yaakov Horowitz made an instructional video a while back to guide parents through such a discussion. It might be appropriate to watch now, if you have not yet:

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  1. WOW. This is horrifying.

    Thank you Rafi for publicizing it, together with the excellent video by Rabbi Horowitz.

    B"H that we have Magen in town.

    I'm going to speak with my kids...

  2. Minors cannot [legally] give consent. Parents and legal guardians bear that legal right. In my opinion, most minors cannot give consent psychologically either. I believe that the age of consent in Israel is 18. In some of the United States, it is younger than that. The unwritten rule of thumb in California for Child Protective Services to intervene in abuse cases, where "consent" was claimed, was that the perpetrator be at least 7 years older and/or be in a position of authority over the victim. I was told that, for example, if a 19 year old and 17 year old both claimed that their interaction was consensual, CPS would not even bother to investigate. But, none of this lets a "mandated reporter" off the hook from reporting abuse within 24 hrs. of learning of it, and submitting a written report within 72 hrs. (in Calif.).

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Also, IMO, when perpetrators manipulate 18 year olds into interacting with them sexually, and then claiming consent, it is questionable. We have had various authority figures recently accused of doing just that. And, I believe it was correct, at the very least, to investigate the allegations.

  5. This case is reported on Ynet to have involved a 55 year old man with one or more teenage boys, involving multiple severe offenses.


  6. Please don't call English speakers, "anglo saxons [sic.]". They haven't really existed for a few hundred years (at least), and most English speakers in Israel are probably not descended from or identify with them.

  7. Real Bad SituationFebruary 15, 2013 7:05 AM

    I happen to know this man.

    What is most sickening is that he is connected to a few of the anglo Charedi "popular" rabbis in town who knew of his issues for a while and yet allowed him to walk the streets and daven in their shuls having access to more victims.

    It is the same Rabbis who condemn the work of Magen.

    When will the anglo community wake up and realize that the agenda of their rabbis endangers all of us?

  8. Yeah consensual - happens all the time... teenager boys go to bars to pick up on middle-aged men who can sodomize them. Of course.


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