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Feb 19, 2013

Quote of the Day

In Israel there is no equal sharing of the burden. It is a false expression. Arabs dont get drafted because of nationality reasons, girls dont get drafted because of religious reasons, there are pacifists who dont get drafted at all, Nahal soldiers serve for two years,  hesder students for a year and a half - this entire discussion is about something that doesn't exist. Why do we get upset at the haredim? it's fine that they don't serve, but then they also live off of us.
A large portion of the yeshiva students, the IDF does not need or want... First of all, go to work, this way you will integrate more than if you'd go to the army, and it will be better for you and for society. It will change the financial situation of Israel and of the haredi community. That is the real solution.

   --- former MK Chaim Ramon

Ramon's idea of working to get the haredi community integrated into the workforce rather than the army is something I have been saying for a long time, so I agree with this statement. Recent surveys (published in the newspapers this past week) also showed that the highest percentage of respondents also believe in this concept.

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