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Feb 17, 2013

Interesting Posts #459

1. R. Shimon Shkop, and Orthodox Handshakes - this post is a few months old but it is a great story that I just became aware of by it being posted to the comments on this blog the other day..

2. Ein Kobi

3. Purim with Warren Buffet

4. a flood that almost destroyed Tiberias

5. a beggar in Vilna who begged for others

6. showing respect for old holy books

7. an intro to Jewish A Capella music

8. Jewish community hit by meteor

9. Feldheim has a Purim Blowout Sale - up to 80% off of over 100 titles..

10. The promotions - old joke, but in light of the Pope's recent resignation, timely

11. Did I blink and miss something? - regarding the Pope's resignation

12. the top 10 POSSIBLE reasons the Pope resigned

13. Ruth Calderon's clarion call

14. Its not your mothers Knesset

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  1. The anecdote about Rav Shkop was interesting; but it truly saddens me that this is such a novelty. As Rav Schachter points out, we've taken a measure of piety and turned into an expectation of everyone. In the process, the public has forgotten the halacha; and the Torah is distorted. And, like some other relatively benign issues, this has become the criterion by which someone's frumkeit is measured.

    The anecdote about Rav Shkop isn't even so unusual. Nor should it be. I was taught this way by my teachers; and I remember several occasions with Rav Ovadiah Yosef and other rabbanim behaving the same way as described with Rav Schkop.

  2. R' Mordechai - you will definitely like one of my morning posts tomorrow!

  3. Thanks for posting my joke on the Promotions. Here is another one to post: Why Did the Chicken Cross The Road? Rabbinical Style (Early Purim Joke) [http://www.mywesternwall.net/2013/02/18/why-did-the-chicken-cross-the-road-rabbinical-style.html] This was one I literally did from scratch. Let me know what you think.

    Chag Sameach,

    -Rafi Hecht


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