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Feb 18, 2013

Interesting Posts #460

1. the PM wants you to help choose the logo for the upcoming visit of Barak Obama.. I voted for the logo that least meshes the two flags...

2. Sometimes I want to scream - haredi newspapers are the subject of this post

3. The Kotel is way better than the Giving Tree - I am impressed the kollel running this has a website/blog!!

4. The fire of Judaism

5. Spreading the message of hope and faith - reprinted a rare music review from the Yated Neeman about the great song Yesh Tikva by Benny Friedman

6. TalisBan Spins off YireiBan™ and Sells it to Askanim, Inc (Satire)

7. I guess I am a racist

8. remember R' Leib Tropper? yeah, the guy from the scandal... he is now an educator at RJJ elemntary school

9. New vs Old Politics

10. Only in Israel: Bezeq upgrading ADSL customers to 15 MB/s for free!  - almost makes me feel like a freier for paying for 15mbps for the past couple of years... I guess technically this is "only in Israel", as Bezeq only provides Internet infrastructure in Israel, but it is not really an "only in Israel" story... then again, most of them are not..

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