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Feb 21, 2013

Interesting Posts #461

1. Goodbye, shul candyman! - don't worry, this is Purim parody... or is it?

2. Where danger is

3. keep the cardinal out - I agree but I also add another reason. the shul is not the place for the cardinal. rent a hall if you want to invite him to speak in front of the community. The sul is not an appropriate place because of what the cardinal represents, what the church has done, what the motives and intentions of the cardinal might be..

4. Gershon Veroba on the YESS legacy

5. the soap opera of Buddha and Israel

6. a brief electric vehicle geek-out and a customer-service case-study from Better Place

7. Mahatzit Hashekel this year

8. lifepatch scammers convicted

9. the point of davening

10. 10 ideas for Purim

11. 10 images that will change the way you look at tefillin

12. myths and facts about the IDF and religious soldiers

13. why did the chicken cross the road?

14. A modest proposal for draft exemptions

15. Rationalist Tzedakah

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