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Feb 13, 2013

interesting Posts #457

1. Rav Yehonasan Eibshitz's tefillin

2. mishna yomi with a child - just do it

3. the Jewish American dream

4. the top 10 reasons Prisoner X was kept in solitary confinement under heavy censorship

5. race for women draws 50 orthodox women - as always on the frum news sites, the comments are highly entertaining

6. Yigal Amir and the President's nose

7. Neturei Karta woman awaits the coming of the Mahdi

8. summary of friends of the IDF

9. Israeli flag on the moon?

10. community standards

11. the Pope resigns and Rabbi Halpern sues to out blogger

12. Haredi Hatikvah Hootenanny

13. the search for the mysterious chilazon

14. Pope resigns on Rosh Chodesh Adar

15. Are the Haredi MKs locking MK Rabbi Dov Lipman out of the mincha minyan? - I asked Dov and his response was: I have no idea if it is true and I am not going to spend time on such speculation. It is tragic that we have reached a point where there is even discussion of this kind. I am busy focusing on working for the people of Israel and especially to help the chareidi population."

16. Ed Koch and the Jewish underground - fascinating story

17. Daf Test - as it says, If you are learning the daily daf yet feeling like something is missing in terms of remembering the material we have a solution to this problem. Those who have committed to taking and submitting this weekly exam have found they are retaining so much more and increasing comprehension dramatically.

A small incentive for those that submit their Daf Test and get a score of 70 or above there will be a raffle of a $ 36 prize ! Test must be submitted by Monday. No minimum age for participation, contest open to anyone who joins the email list on the web site - so feel free to forward this to relatives here or outside of Israel.

To register and or get more information about Daf Tests : http://daftest.org/
For excellent review sheets of all 7 daf : http://daftest.org/Thursday-Night-Mishmor-Review.html

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