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Feb 27, 2013

Learn for 5 days straight

On Shushan Purim this year, or Purim d'Mukafin as it is more commonly referred to in Israel (at least among the yeshivishe crowd), Rav Shteinman released a letter to the public regarding the "haredi draft" issue that is still hovering and threatening the haredi yeshiva world.

The letter is all good, except for one line that makes me wonder what they are telling him. The letter gives some words of encouragement to the yeshiva boys as to their role as being the future generation of leaders in Torah.. and then calls on the yeshiva boys to strengthen themselves in Torah and mitzvos - learn more, use the time better, be careful in the details of keeping Shabbos properly and that will bring about God's mercy. Also, Rav Shteinman calls upon the yeshiva bochurim to adopt the suggestion of the Ramcha"l and take upon themselves to learn for 5 days straight, in order to annul the decree. All good.

The part that makes me wonder is when he says the decree is to cancel all the yeshivas from Israel.

I think increasing learning is great, and if they see the potential of a draft as a threat, I can see them saying to cancel the decree of the draft that might weaken yeshivas or might stop some boys from learning for certain periods of time. But nothing in the "decree" is going to shut down yeshivas, nobody is looking to close any yeshivas, and nobody is stopping anybody from learning and performing mitzvos the way the Romans and Greeks did - for a certain period, boys will need to go to the army (if a law will be formulated and passed) - before that and after that, and maybe even along with that in a system such as civil or national service, people can learn as many or as few hours of the day as they want..

Rav Shteinman does not seem to me to be one for hyperbole, so I wonder if he is simply being told that the government, or at least some in it, want to shut down the yeshivot.

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  1. Of course that's what they're telling him. The askanim feed the gedolim the (mis)information that will lead them to pasken whatever the askanim want. That's how they got Rav Elyashiv Z"L to pasken for UTJ to take the bribe to vote for the 2005 Disengagement budget.

    The only way to get Haredi buy-in is to cut out the askanim altogether, and request a meeting directly between Netanyahu (or other very senior government figure) and R' Shteinman.

    I hope Netanyahu knows that.

  2. there are a lot of draft plans being banded about. while no one is talking about sending in the MPs to arrest avreichim, at least some of the plans contain a financial whip. meaning, if a yeshiva is found to have registered students who should be in the army, the yeshiva could loose funding. (how this would work i don't know).

    according to some of the talking heads that i hear, cutting funding is the same thing as dragging guys off to prison - it would be a death sentence to a yeshiva. without money from the government there are very few yeshivot that could make on donations alone.

  3. No doubt he is being fed misinformation.

    However, it's quite likely that the yeshivas will take a gigantic hit once the only reason for being there is to learn Torah.


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