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Oct 20, 2013

false flyer distributed against TOV

I apologize for intruding on your morning videos with this election message, but it is timely and important.

And, I apologize to all the non-Bet Shemesh readers who are sick of Bet Shemesh election posts.. Just a few more days and it will all be over...

early this morning, somebody went around tossing flyers around the neighborhood that were supposedly written by Eli Friedman, former head of TOV Bet Shemesh. In the flyer he writes about how TOV has not done anything positive, with many examples of failures. In the end the author concludes, in the name of Eli Friedman, that he is upset with TOV, and upset that they chose to support Eli Cohen for mayor, and he is distancing himself from TOV. He calls on the public to vote for Moshe Abutbol and for any of the classic mainstream haredi parties.

The flyer is a lie. It was not written by Eli Friedman. Just last night Eli was at the pre-election rally for Eli Cohen. Eli has been working with TOV non-stop for the success of the party in the upcoming elections. These tactics are dirty and beyond the pale of basic decency. The only thing I can think of is that they are nervous. They are nervous not just about Eli Cohen winning, but also about TOV succeeding.

Eli released a statement, which he sent to me:
נעשתה נבלה בישראל מופץ פשקויל שקרי
כביכול בשמי כאילו אני פונה לכולם להצביע אבוטבול וכאילו שלא להצביע לטוב בושו והיכלמו לכם לכן אני מודיע בשער בת רבים כי לא חזרתי בי מדבר אני קורא להצביע לרשימת טוב ולמועמד המוסכם על ידה 

לראשות בברכה אלי פרידמן


Something disgusting was done.

A flyer full of lies was distributed, as if in my name, as if I turn to you and recommend you 

vote for Abutbol and not to vote for TOV.

You should be embarrassed!

Therefore I am announcing in public that I have not retracted from my call to vote for TOV 

and for the candidate decided upon by TOV for mayor.

With blessings, Eli friedman

The flyer:

Donate to the Schneider Hospital so I can run the Schneider benefit marathon..

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  1. Sick of the Chilul HaShem from Those Who Should Know BetterOctober 20, 2013 10:11 AM

    It might be signed "Eli" but I and many others see the following names that really wrote it:
    Moshe Abutbol
    Shmuel Greenberg
    Shmuel Zalman Eidensohn
    Moshe Montag
    Efraim Rosenbaum
    Aharon Ungar and other Anglos for Abutbol

    1. We don't know who wrote it, but if you are sick of actions being falsely attributed, please don't do the same yourself. Anyone could have written it.

    2. The shteekah kehodaa makes their names a part of this whether they like it or not.

    3. Do you have any evidence that any of those people actually wrote this silly letter?
      Or are you a talmid of Dov Lipman who speak lashon hara/motzei shem ra in the keneset with no evidence whatsoever?

    4. Only if they all read lifeinisrael, they read the comments, and they feel a need to respond to someone who's name is "Sick of the Chilul HaShem".

    5. Interesting how "Jack" manages to work in a gratuitous slap against Dov Lipman, on the basis of lashon hara/motzei shem ra yet, in a post that has nothing to do with Dov Lipman. Nothing like throwing in a little vendatta to keep things from degenerating into civility.

    6. By the way, I also want to express agreement with Hamasig's first comment. I know it's easy to get caught up in the emotions of this campaign, but for crying out loud, shouldn't we at least try to avoid getting caught up in baseless assumptions and gratuitious personal attacks? Hey, a lot of us are football fans from the old country, and today's Sunday. Jets-Patriots tonight, and some other good games. Better to watch a game or two and get the childish yelling and screaming out of our systems on something that doesn't really mean anything, rather than dragging it into the election, which unfortunately, predictably, and like or not (I vote for NOT NOT NOT), brings religion and politics together into a very ugly, and very damaging, exacta.

  2. It is for the greater good. like Yaakov tricking Yitzchak to steel the brachos from Eisav. And ironically, Yaakov is identified with the trait of "truth"...right?

  3. Just when you think things could not get lower :(

  4. Maybe the flyer was distributed by some anti-charedi supporters so Eli Friedman could then say it was false and then all the holier than thous can scream against the immoral charedim.

    Or maybe it was written by some desperate charedi supporters.

    Or maybe this election is just full of so many false accusations and lies by both sides that we should all just ignore it and do something (actually almost anything) more productive.

  5. As I just commented on the another post about the fraud perpetrated clearly by the Cohen campaign (no question about it, slam dunk deceit), I feel I should comment on this one to be fair - if it was perpetrated by the Abutbol campaign as it seems, or perhaps as another Anonymous wrote that it was a ploy, fraud is fraud is fraud. No excuses. Find and prosecute.


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