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Oct 16, 2013

Price of tuna set to decrease

Yes! Thank you Yair Lapid. Everything was worth it just for this!

We have watched the price of tuna fish consistently rise... I remember the good old days when 4 packs of tuna (Starkist and other brands) sold for about 16 NIS. In the past few months, the price for the same four-pack has been sitting at 26 NIS. Sometimes you can get some on sale for less, but that's the regular price.

Finance Minister Yair Lapid signed an order lowering import tariffs on canned tuna fish. Lapid signed the order and constructed the decrease so that the final price will be lower for the consumer.

The decrease in price will be staggered between 2013 through 2016.

The tax rate currently paid is 12% + 3.51 NIS per kg.
From November it will drop to 12% + 3 NIS per kg until the end of the year. .
For the entire 2014 it will decrease to 12% + 2 NIS per kg.
For the entire 2015 it will decrease to 12% + 1 NIS per kg.
Starting 2016 it will be taxed at just 12%.

So, with each can being 160grams or so (I dont know if they include the water or oil in the weight for taxes, or just the 112 grams of filtered tuna), I think the four-pack of tuna will drop in price, at the end of the 3 year process, by 2.25 NIS - if I did the math right.

Thank you Yair Lapid. Those are some amazing savings!

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  1. So why do Israelis prefer tuna in oil over tuna in water?

  2. who said they do? and the price is the same, so thats not a factor

  3. My wife prefers in oil.
    FWIW, supposedly the levy was in place to protect the local tuna processing factories. Not sure if the levy is directly related to one plant that almsot closed but the owners of Hatzi Hinam bought two years ago.
    I guess we'll wait an see if they are hurt.

    1. Don't worry. If local tuna plants are threatened, Ofer Eini and Yair Lapid will make them keep their employees.


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