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Oct 17, 2013

Lipman versus Eichler about change of address for elections (video)

The Knesset Committee of the Interior discussed the issue of people changing addresses prior to elections in order to be able to vote in in one place where their vote might be "more" important. Bet Shemesh was the focus.

At the end of the discussion, it was concluded that that there was no mass phenomenon of people changing address - the numbers were pretty similar to the numbers of people who changed address each of the past couple of years.. MK Miri Regev, head of the committee, gave instructions to remain aware of any attempt to unfairly sway the elections, and specifically requested to receive a list of people who will have switched addresses again from city to city, and recommended the time frame allowed to register a change of address prior to an election should be increased.
(source: Knesset)

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  1. Wow - shouldn't this be major news? Not when the Lipster is the accuser I guess. I think Eichler should have just claimed back that there are 75 people hiding out in the lipster's kitchen

  2. It's horrible that Dov Lipman wasted precious Knesset time for something he had no concrete proof of !!


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