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Oct 29, 2013

Quote of the Day

It is difficult for me to define the results of the elections - we went together with the Labor and the Green parties and we thought the unity would bring better results... politics is not mathematics, and one plus one is not necessarily two..
The mandate we lost went to the parties of the youth: Hit'Orerut, and Rachel Azaria, against whom we did not know how to compete properly. The ideological situation that obligates us to prioritize the issues of coexistence and dividing the city between east and west,and our strong position in the fight against the haredization of the city chased away votes to the more compromising parties.. it is true we too could have been quiet about these things, but our faith is above all else..

  -- Jerusalem City Councilman Peppe Alou (Meretz), expressing his disappointment in having achieved only 2 seats in the recent municipal elections

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