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Oct 20, 2013

TOV announces it does have rabbinic guidance

Chanich Verdyger has announced that on Friday afternoon he was given permission by the Admor with which he consults on behalf of TOV has given him permission to publicize who he is. Verdyger today revealed that the admor he consults with regarding all TOV issues is the Amshinover Rebbe.

Whether this takes the wind out of the sails of TOV opponents whose main claim against TOV has been that they have no rabbinic guidance or authority and is only led by political hacks.

I liked TOV more before, when their rabbinic authority was kept private/secret. Now they are just entering the race of whose gadol is bigger than whose.

While municipal elections across the country are being held on Tuesday of this week, with polling stations open from 7 am until 10 pm, TOV voters are now expected to go vote on Wednesday morning from 3 am until 6 pm...

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  1. Cute hint to the Amshinover outllok on time! ;-)

    1. I don't get the joke. Can you explain please?

    2. Amshinover Chasidim are known for "extreme stretching" of the appropriate times for certain religious practices (even more so than other Chasidim who may often daven Minchah kind of late in the evening, or be late for Shacharit), like Havdalah at 3 AM on Sunday morning, to mention one of their less radical "deviations".
      So when Rafi writes' "TOV voters are now expected to go vote on Wednesday morning from 3 am until 6 pm" when the elections are on Tuesday until 10 PM, it is a humorous allusion to the Amshinover custom.

  2. This is a big mistake on TOV's part. What will they do when there is tremendous pressure placed on the Amshinover and he caves?

    1. I dont disagree, but according to what Verdyger said, the Amshinover called him in and told him that his name should now be publicized.

  3. i almost missed it thats how slick it was :)

  4. I am curious what connection the average Tov supporter has to the Amshinover Rebbe.

    The average Tov supporter seems to be a yeshiva guy who learned in Litvishe yeshivas (Chevron, Ner Yisrael ...) and follow that derech halimud. I assume they don't ask the Amshinover Rebbe their questions about hilchot shabbos, taharas hamishpacha etc. I assume they don't learn his sefarim.

    So now that there is a basic question about how the city should be run and if it is permitted to vote for a secular candidate they find a Rebbe who agrees with them.

    Maybe Chanich Verdyger has a real connection to the Amshinover Rebbe (I have no idea) but the majority of the Tov supporters I highly doubt.

  5. BTW the Amshinover Rebbe together with the Bostoner Rebbe were the only two who were supporters of the Gush Katif refugees and brought them food, babysitters, did laundry and were available when families were pent up in hotels in Yerushalayim So I can say that there is much to admire in the Amshinover Rebbes and those who are musmachim from Ner Yisroel, CHofetz Chaim, Chevron who have a strong kesher.


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