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Oct 27, 2013

Interesting Posts #515

1. should monetary considerations play a factor in aliyah?

2. sponsor me so I can run for the Schneider Hospital

3. Haveil Havalim

4. Jerusalem Municipal elections thoughts

5. is the Netanyahu family the house of Nathan?

6. electile dysfunction

7. an indiegogo project to establish the first single malt whiskey distillery in the Holy Land

8. Are America's Jews still Jewish?

9. Bet Shemesh: The third option

10. Akiva's helmet: leaving no soldier behind

11. primitive voting

12. the fight against extremism

13. Israeli elections or living in a banana republic

14. is the Jewish "get" archaic? 

15. why stay in Bet Shemesh

16. Aaron Karov was critically wounded in Gaza in 2009. After a miraculous recovery, he now plans to run the New York Marathon

17. elections are bad for Judaism

18. there is the sky

19. invest in people, not factories

20. Shalosh seudos is the new shul social - maybe it took a break for a while, but as far as I can remember it has been the shul social for a long time..

21. things only a trempist would know

22. what do you do about an impaired driver?

23. what if nobody had cheated?

24. how to behave at a Shabbos meal with formerly orthodox Jews

25. Jews should learn Torah and perform mitzvos - by linking to this post I am doing my part..

26. MK Mozes Haredi victory over government in Bet Shemesh and Jerusalem - I get Bet Shemesh, but most of the haredim in Jerusalem supported Leon. Saying the few that didnt was a haredi  victory over the government is pretty much rewriting history..

27. Bet Shemesh: The purple zone

Donate to the Schneider Hospital so I can run the Schneider benefit marathon..

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1 comment:

  1. Rafi, thanks for linking.

    P.S. Did you really read all of those posts?


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