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Oct 21, 2013

Who watches over us from above?

SHAS is running the following ad about the upcoming elections:

it says, when you are standing there behind the screen, you are not alone. Maran [Rav Ovadia] is looking at you from above with his holy eyes and seeing which ballot you select. Is your hand going to cut the treaty of peace with him?

Wait - I thought God watches us from above. I wasn't aware that as of last week that was changed to Rav Ovadia...
 דע מה למעלה ממך: עין רואה, אוזן שומעת, וכו

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  1. How about the
    יהא שמה רבא יתגדל
    Abutbul campaign flyer.
    Whose name should be elevated? ;-)

    Catriel Lev

  2. Ceiling rabbi is watching you vote.


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