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Oct 21, 2013

Maybe I'm a contrarian

Someone just told me that my support for Eli Cohen for mayor is only because I am a contrarian. This person continued with the theory saying that if I would be living in, say, the Sheinfeld neighborhood of Bet Shemesh I would almost definitely support Moshe Abutbol for mayor.

I don't deny that there might be a bit of truth in that. I always have liked, and often rooted for, the underdog... I would like to think that that is not the primary impetus within me, but I accept that it might be partly the source..

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  1. The folks in Sheinfeld are voting Abutbol? Why? Did Rav Avishai come out publicly in support of him?

  2. No. Rafi is saying that maybe, since the Scheinfeld folks mostly support Eli Cohen, if he lived there he might, out of contrarian impulse, support Moshe Abutbul.

    Of course, a true "died in the wool" contrarian would support "Nach-Nach" Meir Balayish (at least in most neighborhoods of our fair city).

    Catriel Lev (eagerly awaiting the conclusion of the elections so that we can begin discussing "normal" things again)

  3. Normal things, the elimination of mountains of wasted paper garbaging up the streets and the eliminatin of the nightly noise-fest (whose brilliant idea was it to go around the streets honking and playing loud cajmpaign announcements and music at an hour people are trying to get kids to sleep. I almost reconsidered voting for Bayalish just because his campaign workers weren't annoying me!)

  4. You're calling your contrarian bona fides into question by agreeing with your friend so readily....

    1. correction: only partial agreement, and really only a musing about possible partial agreement

    2. Still, I like my contrarians to be super-curmudgeony.


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