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Oct 21, 2013

The Dayan Kippa draws a penalty

Punished for donning a kippa. In Israel.

It is actually a sports regulation.

The Ickey Shuffle was devised by Elbert "Ickey" Woods of the Cincinatti Bengals. It was his touchdown celebratory dance, and was nearly banned by the NFL. I think the Ickey Shuffle was probably the most famous of sports celebratory dances.

Guy Dayan, footballer (or soccer player) for Hapoel Acco, has devised his own version of the Icke Shuffle, and he too has upset the sports authorities. Dayan's celebration after he scores a goal has recently been updated to include pulling a kippa out of his sock and donning it atop his head.

Maybe it would be better to compare Dayan's celebration to Tim Tebow than Ickey Woods.

Dayan first did the "Dayan Kippa" in a game against Maccabi Petach Tikva, and the referee ignored it. Then he did it again while playing against HaPoel Ranaana, and caught a penalty for it.
כיפה צהובה. גיא דיין חוגג עם הכיפה
The refs association has decided to put an end to the uncertainty and issue a statement clarifying the rules. The statement reads:
In our region, due to the multitude of religions and sensitivities among the variety of populations, and in order to prevent any provocation and and unnecessarily inflaming passions, the donning of a kippa by a player who scores a goal will result in a yellow flag thrown. The referees will act accordingly.

No more Dayan Kippa in Israeli sports...

(source: NRG)

At the same time, Beitar Yerushalayim, the soccer team that has had some serious ups and downs, will be having a moment of silence in memory of Rav Ovadia.
(source: Kikar)

They better not don kippas during the moment of silence...

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1 comment:

  1. They're only penalizing players who pull out the kippa after scoring a goal, not players who wear one for the whole game.
    Are there any full time kippa-wearing players?


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