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Oct 16, 2013

A Bet Shemesh election signs photoblog roundup

You might be a person who is persuaded by political signs (are there really such people?), or maybe you just like to see the creativity, or maybe you like the social aspect - seeing who has more posters in which part of town and the different types of posters that are featured in different neighborhoods...

I went around Bet Shemesh a bit and took pictures of election posters...

Even the people who don't want to vote in the election get into the posters war... there weren't even that many of them. maybe this will increase in the coming days

Resido Center is voting Abutbol because it is hoping to get cleaned up, as per his campaign

I think green is the best color and makes for the most visible signs, so Moshe Abutbol gets the prize for that

yellow is also a snazzy color for signs. too bad the Hassidim don't have too many around town

I don't know who they think is scared, and I don't know who put this up, but based on the colors I will assume it is the Clal Hassidi people


I think TOV gets the prize for the most creative way of hanging a sign

Balayish has a lot of posters in Bet Shemesh. The few posters he has in RBS went up because of his alliance with Chabad

Kol Shachar

Shas had surprisingly few posters around town. I suspect they have been focusing on Moshe Abutbol's mayoral campaign and less on the party campaign

Degel took a page out of Shas's books.. vote for us to give the rabbonim honor

its either an election ad or they are modeling for Brooks Brothers

Motti Cohen

I think he looks better without the glasses and the cross

people who use lampposts are expected to vote in droves for Moshe Abutbol. He is clearly the king of the lampposts (though not the only player in that arena)

Meir Balayish

Likud, Shalom Edri

More Balayish. he has tons of posters in the Old City. He might even win the poster contest overall

hmmm, they destroyed Eli Cohen's image, but left Rena Hollanders intact. These sign-destroyers clearly weren't haredi

Abutbol's crane and large sign were moved form RBS to Kikar Ellipsa 

Likud is going after the Russian vote..

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  1. I'm quite disgusted that your city hall does not send out the inspectors to A) rip down the signs on public property B) fine the offending parties.

  2. a. they do send city workers to remove signs from pubic spots. I dont know how often
    b. I dont think they fine the offenders

  3. This city administration seems to have done away with fines. I remember seven years ago our building received a letter that a city inspector was coming back in 7 days and if our parking lot wasn't cleaned up the building would get a fine.

    Rafi thanks for the comic relief, these elections can get pretty intense....

  4. Many RBSB people hold that it is assur to vote in national elections, but not assur in the local elections.


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