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May 29, 2014

everybody wants their discounts

everybody wants their discounts, and when they don't get it, they turn it into a major crisis.

It seems government religious services are expensive, and the prices are increasing. MK Gafni (UTJ) even tried to pass a law that would limit the price of some religious services, though his proposal was rejected.

Now more people are upset about the high cost of religious services. It seems there is a discount offered for students registering to marry. Instead of 700nis, they only have to pay 40% - 420nis. But there is a catch. The discount is cut off at age 30. Once you hit 30, to register costs the full 700, even if you are still a student. The difference to these older students brings in 12 million nis per year to the Rabbanut.

By the way, this discount applies to both college students and yeshiva students (among other groups like the handicapped, soldiers and new immigrants), and at 30 it gets cut off for both groups, though I could not find this detail anywhere on the Rabbanut website. Students discovered this when they went to register for marriage. It turns out that it is detailed in the law of religious services, though they have turned to Naftali Bennet, Minister of Religious Services, to get involved and change things.

The Rabbanut's response is that the discount is limited until age 30 because the purpose of the discount is to help those with less financial abilities. There is a proportionate connection between age and finances.. so younger students need the extra help, while older students should be able to afford it with less difficulty.
source: Walla

everybody wants their discounts. No matter what you say about Israel, it is clearly a Jewish State...

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1 comment:

  1. 700 Shekel just to register? Does that include the guy in the frock showing up to perform the ceremony?

    Oh, I get it, the 700 shekel goes towards paying the salaries of those guys who spend their days giving people a hard time proving that they are Jewish.


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