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May 27, 2014

Facebook Status of the Day: Hadarat Nashim and the Pope

from my friend Naftali Copperman's FB page:
(translation below)

One perspective:
Young religious soldiers in the holy army want to leave the hall in order not to hear women singing, get pushed out and then slandered (in the press), even though they are excellent soldiers in special units.
Haredim remove women from advertisements and ad publications - and every news program opens with that story, with all sorts of people explaining why it is good or not good, using terms like 'primitive', 'excluding women', etc.
Second perspective:
The Pope visits, not a single woman is included in the visit, they work to remove any and every woman from the main area around the nice Francisco. When he visits Mt. Herzl, unscheduled and as a response to the prayer next to the Separation Wall, Netanyahu asks the visitor to pray by the memorial to terror victims. In the videos one can see a woman who immediately disappeared from the access path to the memorial. The writer quickly apologized and explained that it was the coordinator of the visit from the Foreign Ministry and not just any woman.
In the studio "professors" sit there [discussing it] and not a single one of them opens her mouth. It seems natural to all of them.
Two perspectives, one kippa, different responses.
Since the days of Bet Shemesh I have not seen 'hadarat nashim', the exclusion of women, on television as much as there was during the Pope's visit.
Clarification: I am not saying this is right or this is right. Just pay attention how with one of them they respect, understand, dont want to harm his faith... and for the other - an entire community is judged by a kangaroo court.
It seems everything depends on the color of the kippa.

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  1. he removed it

  2. I still see it. Maybe you have to be his fb friend to see it


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