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May 15, 2014

bagrut in dog raising

Good news. you can now do a bagrut in raising dogs.

In a new program run through the "Tzzar Baalei Chayim" organization, students will learn for two years by working in a dog kennel, while learning how to train dogs, how to care for dogs, feed, kennel structure, maintenance, diagnosing diseases, reproduction, etc.
source: NRG

Perhaps they should also make this study a college course. That would even make more sense.

Considering this inclusion in the bagrut system, what other topics would you like to see added? building maintenance? running a charitable organization? raising other animals - general pet care? stamp collecting? badminton?

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  1. Don't mock. Many colleges offer a degree in animal husbandry. Not everyone can be an accountant.

    1. Definitely, and I say it seems more appropriate as a college course or in a vocational setting, and not for a high school bagrut

  2. The high schools here do a lot more aiming kids at a profession than the liberal arts high school - and college! - educations we are used to from the US.

    What I don't get is that meanwhile Misrad Hachinuch is thinking to drop the bagrut in Talmud.


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