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May 15, 2014

MK Arial Attias taking a break

MK Arial Attias (Shas) announced, after much speculation that he might be soon resigning from politics and leaving the Knesset, that he is not resigning (for now) but will be taking a break from the Knesset.

I dont know what it means to "take a break" from the Knesset... Shas has 11 MKs in the Knesset - do they now only have 10 in practice? If he would resign, someone lower down would move up and fill the empty seat - by taking a break is he preventing that from happening? I dont know. I think "taking a break" is not really fair for Shas, if he wont be around to support their work and efforts (votes) but won't allow someone else to replace him..

I think it is a shame. I though Attias was a good and effective minister. He worked, he concentrated on his ministry rather than constantly getting involved in other issues, and he got things done. It is a shame that Israeli politics will be losing Arial Attias.

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1 comment:

  1. If an MK can't function as MK and doesn't know for how long it would be, he should resign. It's not fair to his party to hold the sit idle and ineffective.
    How long is maternity leave for an MK?
    What's a "typical" sick leave?


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