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May 19, 2014

Quote of the Day

Maccabi Tel Aviv won the Euroleague championship game last night, and the QOTD will be three quotes in reference to the game..

1. You showed what stubbornness is, and the entire team fought like panthers and won like lions. And I almost had a heart attack.

  -- President Shimon Peres

2. The nation of Israel is making bonfires, and you burned up the courts in MIlan.

  -- Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

3. I am sure that in the merit of keeping the Shabbos, and also in the merit of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, we won the championship. Many people accepted upon themselves in recent days to strengthen themselves in spirituality so Maccabi Tel Aviv would win. They promised to light Shabbos candles, they accepted upon themselves to lay tefillin and say Tehillim. All this brought the victory, with Heaven's help..

  -- Rabbi Yaakov Gloiberman, a Chabad rabbi associated with the team

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  1. I object to trivializing Hashem's commandments 'so that we can win a ball game'. Or even saying a sports win is 'reward' for our observance and faithfulness. Something very wrong with that childish approach.

    I do recognize that such a win can help our image among Jews and non-Jews (especially outside Israel); but it just isn't very important in the end. And yes, I was among those watching on TV and celebrating the first European championship win in '77.

  2. i agree Mr. Scher, however if it makes one yid do a mitzvah, does the reason really matter?


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