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May 25, 2014

Haredi affirmative action...

The government today approved of the proposal made by Minister Naftali Bennet. Bennet proposed implementation of affirmative action for Haredi men applying for jobs in the public sector.

The approval of the government states that the PMO in coordination with the Ministry of Economics and Trade must put together and submit, within 60 days, a formal law proposal for applying affirmative action for acceptance in jobs in the public sector for Haredi males.

Why only Haredi men and not Haredi women?

Because Haredi women already are beneficiaries of preferential hiring and representation as females under the preferential treatment given to women.. though some women still complained saying that despite preferential hiring, they are discriminated against in terms of lower salaries, are generally exploited and are lagging when it comes to promotions..

So if you are a haredi male looking for a job in the public sector, your chance is coming very soon... get your resume ready!

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1 comment:

  1. Prefer haredim for employment?? Gevalt !! Amalek !!! Shmad !!!!


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