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May 18, 2014

Impressed with meron logistics

I am impressed. Despite MK Mozes warning non-stop for the past two weeks that the transportation system to Meron would collapse under the pressure, I have yet to see any news report of any irregularities.

I am sure that there are traffic jams. Whenever 150,000 people got o a small area in a small country on inadequate roads, there will be delays. However, there has been no collapse of the system, there have been no unusual delays. Everythign seems to have run more or less pretty smoothly.

It is a tremendous feat, to move so many people from around the country, and to have so many people in one place coming and going, and kudos to whomever is responsible.

This is probably the first time in many years (since the large increase in visitors to Meron) that it has been so smooth and quiet. I guess changing the planning of Lag BaOmer in Meron from the responsibility of a few askanim to a set of government offices and appointments really did make a difference, for good, rather than the doom that many were predicting.

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