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May 28, 2014

Proposed Law: doubling child allotments

MK Yisroel Eichler (UTJ) has proposed a law that is not likely to pass...

Eichler wants to amend the current Bituach Leumi law for child allotments.. Eichler proposes that during the months of the holidays, specifically April and October, Bituach Leumi should double its allotment for children.

Eichler explains that in recent years the number of children living under the poverty line has increased... therefore he proposes that at least in the months of the holidays the stipend should be doubled from the normal base amount. Increasing it during the holiday months will ease the burden a bit on the parents and will help them, even if just a bit, with the food expenses for the months in which the expenses are normally greater.

Somehow, with today's government that has worked to cut things out of the budget wherever possible, I cannot imagine them approving this idea... even if it isn't such a bad one...

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  1. Money grows on trees and no one actually (at most few UTJ voters) has to finance it. So why only double it? Why not triple? How about a factor of 10? Come to think of it, Eichler is actually stingy for only DOUBLING it -- money from the Zionist State is essentially free so why doesn't stingy Eichler want to give out more?

  2. i tink hispropasal take 1/6 off the other 10 months so it doesnt cost the gov anything


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