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May 27, 2014

almost good riddance to the tv tax

Minister of Communication Gilad Erdan has proposed a law that most people will like, at least part of..

As part of Erdan's reform of the broadcasting authority, he plans to shut down the IBA, and, more importantly, will cancel the TV tax.

The proposal was already brought before the Knesset, and yesterday, in its first vote, was passed with 33 MKs in favor and 14 against (with two abstaining).

Personally, I don't care about the IBA - I don't have an opinion if it should be shut down or not, and am not familiar with its programming. I'll trust Erdan on that.

I do like the fact that the tv tax will be cancelled. The tv tax is a ridiculous payment and the way they impose it on the public to get people to pay borders on abusive. I hope this law proposal passes its next readings quickly and we can say good riddance to the tv tax.

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