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May 19, 2014

Pat Farmar "peace run" marred by apartheid

Australian runner Pat Farmar, who ran from the North Pole to the South Pole a couple years ago, has been running through the Middle East to promote peace, showing that obstacles can be overcome.

Throughout his run, many runners would join him for sections at different points of his route. Last week a number of runners from the Bet Shemesh Running Club ran with him on his section near Tel Aviv. On other sections he ran with Israeli Jewish and Arab runners.

When Farmar was approaching Ramallah, word got to the Palestinians that a number of Israelis were running with Farmar. They sent word that they would not allow him to run through unless he stopped the Israelis from participating. His Israeli escorts were politely asked to withdraw.
source: INN

This is a private initiative, not something from the Israeli government or even from a private Israeli who might be suspected of having nefarious objectives.. a private foreign individual could not promote peace in the Palestinian territories because he was including Jews. He was only allowed in to promote peace when he agreed to ban Jews from being a part of it.

The Palestinians have the secret recipe for peace. No Jews.

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