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May 21, 2014

Proposed Law: shomer shabbos teams and athletes

MK Elazar Stern (Hatnua) has proposed a new law for athletes. The new law, if it passes, will allow sports teams, or individual athletes, tell their unions or representatives that they observe the Shabbos and will not play on that day. If a team or athlete makes such a declaration, the union or organization will not be allowed to schedule games on says that those teams or athletes cannot participate in. As well, if an athlete, or team, refrains from playing on Shabbos, he and his achievements will not be affected by not playing on Shabbos. As much as possible, organizations will work with international sports organizations as well to ensure freedom of religion and to allow teams and athletes to o keep Shabbos.

Teams and athletes that do not keep Shabbos will not be affected by this. If 2 teams are scheduled to play that are not shomer shabbos, they will be allowed to continue playing on Shabbos.
source: INN

it's a start. let's see if it passes

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