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May 21, 2015

Erdan exempts sukkot from exemptions

The ministers of the new government each held a ceremony a couple of days ago, each in his or her respective office. the ceremony was a transfer of the baton from the previous minister to the new minister.

Right before the transfer of authority, Gilad Erdan, formerly the Minister of Interior, signed a directive that would ease the construction of the sukka, without requiring a permit.

Some recent directives require the request for an exemption from requesting a permit for building certain temporary structures. Sukka is not in the list, but it is in the descriptive imagery of the directive. A sukka that is larger than 50 square meters or higher than 3 meters, would need official exemptions, while smaller or lower would not.

Erdan decided that with most sukkot placed on porches and rooftops, with them only being used for a week, he decided to ease the burden from those who keep mitzvot and all this is not necessary - they will not need to request exemptions - since it is not included in the law, but only in the explanation of the law, he felt he has that leeway..
source: Kikar

It reminds me of the joke of the policeman who received a complaint about someone's sukka. He went down to see it, and asked to see the permits for building a structure like that. The owner tried to explain that he has no permits, but it is only temporary.. The police did not want to hear any of it, once he heard the fellow has no permit. He slapped on a warning with an edict that the sukka must be dismantled and removed within 14 days.

Erdan is a good guy who works hard. It is a shame he has not yet been brought into the new government with a satisfactory level of responsibility..

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1 comment:

  1. A similar story to the joke you mentioned occurred in real life to Rav Ovadia Yosef ZT"L when he lived in Egypt.


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