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May 28, 2015

Herzog election campaign, part 2 (video)

I must say, this documentary on the Herzog election campaign is about as boring as Herzog himself

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  1. I would like to watch the whole thing, but even if the movie is boring (I'll take your word for that), there are apparently many juicy items inside. The latest one was caught of one of the campaign managers coordinating with a head editor at Ynet a headlining article to publish.

  2. This is not groundbreaking, but the undeniable revelation is. How the Herzog PR is working in cahoots with Ynet, or the other way around.


  3. Boring? This was fascinating!

    You can see that Herzog is a nice guy but not PM material.

    Also it was interesting to read about their planning re his visit to the Kotel. Talk about using religion cynically.


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