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May 18, 2015

only the Right can damage freedom of the press

PM Netanyahu fired the director of the Ministry of Communications. Over the phone.

Some people don't like the move. Some think it is some sort of payback to Gilad Erdan, for not joining the government and only remaining an MK, as Erdan had appointed this fellow to this position. Others just say it was an inappropriate way of firing someone, let alone someone senior like that.

And then MK Yitzchak Herzog, Head of the Opposition, claims it is meddling in the media. Netanyahu is showing everyone a new boss is in town (despite him not really being all that new)..

Herzog says he is going to oppose the firing of the director in every way possible, so as to prevent Netanyahu from meddling with the media, from opening a war with the media, and from causing damage to the free and public media.

Interesting. When Netanyahu makes changes it is meddling and damaging to the free press. When the opposition makes changes, such as the Israel Hayom law, it is to protect the free press.

Netanyahu's dismissal of the director might have been inappropriate or poorly advised. I don't know. I would not say it is damaging to the freedom of the press.

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1 comment:

  1. Bibi is communication minister. Makes sense that he fired him using communication technology


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