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May 22, 2015

Litvishe are ok leaving out women, while the sefardim are problematic

this morning I heard the weekly program of Benny Rabinovitch and Moshe Osditcher on Radio Kol Hai, reviewing the weeks events.

They made an interesting distinction, when discussing the haredi papers form of publication of the picture of the new government with female ministers this past week.

They said that Yated and Hamodia are fine - they simply chose not to print the picture. They did not want to print the picture of the women, so they left it out entirely. Shas, on the other hand, in its paper, they said, photoshopped the picture. Shas had the women taken out of the picture, moved people over to fill in the space, and even put someone else into the picture that wasn't originally.

They support the non-printing of women in newspapers, but in the fashion of the Yated and Hamodia, where they are simply left out. Not in the fashion of Shas papers where the picture is published but with the women photoshopped out.

That, they said, is going too far.

I found that an interesting distinction.

They are both accomplishing the same ultimate goal - not printing women. Yated and Hamodia are doing it by omission, while the Shas paper (yom l'yom) are doing it by active sheker.

I disagree with the whole idea in the first place, but find it interesting to:
a. hear them criticize others for the way they left out the women and
b. hear how they distinguish and won't go as far as actual sheker and distortion.

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1 comment:

  1. But didn't one of those Ashkenazi papers photoshop out Hillary Clinton...?


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