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May 18, 2015

Tzniyus won't save this guy!

There is a great, and hilarious, story being reported in Shtieble.net (and probably just a joke)

An El Al flight from Kennedy Airport in New York was ready for takeoff. All the passengers were in their seats and the doors were ready to be closed. A hassidic man was refusing to sit, as he was seated next to a woman dressed immodestly.

This hassidic man had already politely asked everyone in the area if they would switch seats with him, but they all had said no.

The stewardess tells this fellow that his time is up - they have to takeoff, so he has to either sit down in his seat or get off the plane. As he starts heading off the plane, a fellow with a kipa sruga jumps up and tells him that he is willing to switch seats with him.

The surprised hassid asked him why he was not willing to before but was now. The other guy responded by saying, "I know what is going to happen. If the plane should crash, you are going to go and tell everyone that you were saved because you refused to sit next to the woman. So, let me tell you something. If this plane crashes, you are going down with us!"

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