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May 21, 2015

News go for the boring pictures of blurred faces

All the news sites have been making a big deal about how the Haredi papers have not included pictures of Ayelet Shaked , Miri Regev and Gila Gamliel (and Tzippi Hotoveli when relevant) in its review of the new government, either as individual pictures, or in the group picture with their faces fuzzed out.

I am impressed that they are all surprised by this. It is nothing new (at least in the perspective of recent history). Erasing women from pictures or blurring their faces is done on a daily basis. The most famous was probably removing Hillary Clinton from a picture of Barak Obama and his staff monitoring the rain on Osama bin Laden's compound. Angela Merkel was also wiped out.

It happens every day.

Yet every time it happens, everyone acts all shocked and surprised, as if they expected the Haredi newspapers to print the pictures this time.

These stories are boring already. Find something else to write about. If the paper thought it had the ability to influence change on the matter, that would be one thing. But they don't. They just keep writing about the same shocking story over and over again. It seems boring news is ok as long as it is against the Haredi community.

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1 comment:

  1. What was funny was that they left the bare legs of one of the ministers, whose face they blurred front and center. Would have thought that would have been a bigger issue for them. One could actually argue that blurring the faces actually brought more attention to the female ministers, who would otherwise simply blended into the group.


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