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May 20, 2015

Picture of the Day

Photo credit: Jorge Novominsky - taken from WoW FB page

I am sorry, but as often as I see pictures of women in tefillin, it still looks strange to me.

She is wearing the tefillin to low on her forehead, but maybe it slipped down as she leaned over to look. The other problem is the headband under her tefillin.

The point of this picture is the new padlock placed on the mechitza by Rav Rabinovitch, rav of the Kotel, to prevent the opening of the mechitza for passage of a Torah scroll to the women, as happened last month.

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  1. Duhhhh...She obviously holds like the Rashba...chatzitzas arent a problem for the shel rosh.

  2. What are they going to do when WoW get their own Sefer Torah? It may or may not be Kosher, but will the powers that be let them read it, or will they come up with something ridiculous to prevent it?

  3. they already tried that. the police barred them from bringing their own torah into the area. one time they snuck in a small one

    1. Craziness. בית תפילה יקרא לכל העמים. Unless you're not the right kind of Jewish, of course.

  4. Another example of the insanity going on!


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